Since 2005


Class Act Cleaning was opened in September of 1996. We are fully insured & Bonded. A little back ground into why we opened are own business. I have worked for two different companies in Cedar rapids for almost 10 years. I have done office, residential and rental property cleaning. Learning everything a customer would expect and deserve as a customer and at times doing a bit more then required by my employer. As a result I was told to slow down and only do what is expected on the contract and nothing more. Because we were suppose to take 6 hours to clean the area. If we did more they would expect it all of the time. I thought that was unacceptable. I believe if you can do more for the customer and not have to use more supplies or cost the company more money, you as a good business should do so with out thought. I also noticed with the other company I worked for this was a common practice as well. So I spoke with my husband and asked if this is something I could try and see if I could give customers what they really deserve. After thinking about it for around a year and saving some money, we decided to give it a go. So if you are ready to try a company, that will go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied and happy customer. Give us a call for a free quote.

A little about us. I would like to introduce my self, My name is Tina Miller. I Have been married for Over 20 years to my husband Dan and we have 6 children. Dan owns a very successful dj service here in town Class Act professional DJ Service. I am a native of Cedar Rapids born and raised. My husband is from Northwest Indiana were he lived till he joined the Marine Corps. After getting out of the service he moved to Cedar Rapids. Both of us hold Integrity and honesty as one of highest value's in our work and personal life.



Office: 305 2nd Avenue SE Cedar Rapids, IA. 52401
Telephone (319) 261-0895